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What is your favourite motion book?… 

18 deviants said Cap Stone. We still love you Liam!
7 deviants said Milk for the Ugly. Too awesome! And scary. Plus - goat. Goats are cool. And a bit creepy.
5 deviants said Other. As always, your choices stink Sharpy. Where's Star Trek? Hellboy? Come on!!!!
4 deviants said MONO. It's a monkey. And it's a man. It's a monkey-man!
3 deviants said MLP - because cute ponies. That move!!!
3 deviants said Treatment. Damn, that's some hardcore shizzle! And - Dave Gibbons! Duh!
3 deviants said Sherlock Holmes. It's Sherlock Holmes for heaven's sake! And it's Bill Sienkiewicz!!! Come on!!!
2 deviants said Briar Rose. And Rapunzel. That stuff rocks - in a girl but cool way. I'm not affraid to say it!
1 deviant said War in Heaven. Oh man - that stuff is so incredibly EPIC!!!! And scary!!!! Amazing bro.
No deviants said Ugh! Who doesn't love a good light-hearted caveman gag-fest?




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Liam Sharp
Artist | Professional | Other
United States
Liam Sharp is the co-founder and CCO of Madefire, as well as an artist, writer and publisher.

He made his debut in the late 1980s drawing Judge Dredd for 2000ad. He later moved to Marvel UK, where he drew the best-selling Marvel UK title ever, Death's Head II. Thereafter he began working mainly in the United States on books as diverse as the X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, Venom, Man-Thing (for Marvel Comics), Superman, Batman, and The Possessed (for DC Comics and Wildstorm), Spawn: The Dark Ages (for Todd McFarlane and Image) and Red Sonja for Dynamite comics.
Liam has also worked on more mature themed books for Verotik, drawing Frank Frazetta's The Death Dealer, and a strip originated by Stan Winston called Realm of the Claw.

In 2004 Liam established MamTor™ Publishing with wife Christina. This saw the launch of the critically acclaimed and award-winning anthology Event Horizon, and the prestigious collaboration with Mother (London) Advertising, Four Feet From a Rat, which appeared as a quarterly comic in Time Out magazine. This led to work on three major advertising campaigns for the Coca-Cola Company, art and design work for Strange Beast, Passion Pictures, Knuckleheads, Shots magazine and Red Arrow Entertainment amongst others.

Liam also worked on designs for the movies Lost in Space, Small Soldiers and the animated series Batman Beyond.

More recent work includes co-creating the controversial DC/Vertigo title Testament with best-selling novelist and media commentator Douglas Rushkoff, the comic adaptation of the seminal XBox game Gears of War for Wildstorm, and the graphic novella Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven for Dark Horse.

Liam's critically acclaimed first novel GOD KILLERS: MACHIVARIUS POINT & OTHER TALES was published in 2008 with a second edition in 2009.

For Madefire he is currently working on an epic personal project that he is co-writing with wife Christina McCormack called Captain Stone is Missing... as well as writing MONO, and co-producing art with Bill Sienkiewicz for a series of Sherlock Holmes stories.
It's almost easy to see why people stop caring about anybody else and just start to look after número uno.

The world fosters it.
The media fosters it.
Consumerism fosters it.

And sometimes giving a shit just doesn't seem to pay dividends - it isn't the yin yang we hope for in our hippy days.

Good people can live miserable, forgotten lives.
Bastards can live and die like kings.

The universe doesn't care. 

I remember hearing once that we are communists in our youth, socialists, then eventually conservatives in our selfish old age.
Nobody cares about the old, so speak your mind and take what you can get, that message suggests. 
Your every thought of freedom was folly.
Every aspiration towards a better, more caring world was pointless.
Lock the doors.
Don't trust the strangers.
Arm yourself.
If you don't you're a damn fool.

Looking at groups like ISIS it's hard to argue an alternative point sometimes.

Where are we going so wrong?

But I flew into LA a couple of days ago and it stuck me, looking down, how wrong that picture might actually be - how distorted.
Because when you see a big city from the air you see a vast swarm of humanity shoulder to shoulder.
Living together.
You do not see a battlefield.

We are far more successful as neighbours and strangers than we tend to give ourselves credit for.

There is, of course, violence going on in sad places, broken homes, within the desperate trajectories of myriad disfunctional lives.
But that is not the majority.
That is not the overwhelming experience - at least not in most major cities where there is no warfare.
Even in poverty people find humanity.

I falter sometimes.
I think I should keep my mouth shut, my head down.
That I should give up on humanity - this desperate, pointless strain of mammalian life currently dominating the globe.
That there is no rhyme nor reason, and I'd best just take care of me and my own in a narrow, selfish sense.
After all, that's what this world seems to tell us we should do.

But then I hear somebody laugh.
I see something beautiful.
I witness an act of kindness,
share an intimate evening with loved ones.
Meet yet another wonderful, sensitive, caring individual.
Feel the love of my children. 

It's NOT all cut and dried! 

It's NOT so simple!

We have an exceptional capacity for empathy, and it's there because it's a natural part of humanity.
It's real.
It's chemical.
It is a part of our evolutionary process - informing the angels of our better nature.

We should not ignore it, bury it and bully it into submission.

We should listen to the sweeter inclinations that whisper to us in moments of introspection,
and maybe - just maybe, y' know, once in a while - we should act on them. 

This is not a world of individuals.
Everything we have made we made as a collective. 
We need each other.
So I'm not battening down the hatches just yet.

I'm not a religious man, but I'm going to retain a little faith in humankind.
I'm going to choose to think there might be a better future possible, if we just listen.
If we don't give up, turn away, and stop giving a shit. 

Call me deluded, call me a fool, but I think you seem like good folk on the whole.
There must be more like you out there... :-) 
  • Mood: Love

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HugoWard Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your journals are incredibly insightful.
LiamSharp Featured By Owner 14 hours ago  Professional Artist
Cheers Hugo! I try to keep my eyes wide, my ears to the ground, and my mind open! :-)
UszatyArbuz Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi :) Um I have a few question about the motion book tool and I wondered if you could help me? They might sound stupid but I followed youtube tutorials and haven't find any answers.. ^^;
First thing that I wanted to ask is about sound layers/ Let's say that I have a sound which last for 1 minute. if I'll add a music layer in one page, will it be playing only in this page or will last for next pages till the end of the sound? And if I'll check the "loop indefinitely" box, will it be playing for infinity for next pages of whole project? if no, is there any way to do that?
I was also wanted to ask if there is a way to preview whole project that I'm working on? I saw the option only for pages, but I can't find it for projects. I just wanted to see how it will be working before posting it anywhere.
Oh and one more thing, if I'll upload the book to web or deviantart, will I be able to make edits in the future or isn't it possible?
LiamSharp Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Artist
...and quickly -

no, the music only plays on one page at a time I believe.
Yes, you absolutely can preview your projects (see the link below!)
And yes, you can always edit and republish. :-)
LiamSharp Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional Artist
Hi there! You can ask any and all questions at the help page here: :-)
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